Updating your University Card

Validity of your University Card

University Cards have a maximum validity of four years (4 ½ to 5 years in certain instances). The expiry date will be set to the length of your course of study, contract of employment or approved academic visit if this is less than four years. Your University Card becomes invalid when you cease to hold the status indicated on it or if you are suspended from access to the premises and facilities of the University.

Renewing your University Card

If your card is approaching its expiry date (4-6 weeks before expiry), please contact your administrator who will liaise with the the Card Office to request a renewal.

One month prior to the date that your University Card is due to expire, you will receive an automated email from IT Services advising you to contact your college or department administrator to arrange for a card renewal. Your college or department administrator will authorise the renewal by notifying the University Card Office. Your new card will be issued to your college or department administrator for you to collect. At this point your old card must be surrendered. Any changes or errors on your University Card must be managed by your college or departmental administrator.

Will I need a new photograph for my new University Card?

The photograph on your card should be a reasonable likeness. A new photograph must be provided when the current photograph is more than 10 years old or if your appearance has changed considerably. When your card is due for renewal, ensure that the photograph is still suitable.

If you require a new photograph for your University Card, email a jpeg file of the new photograph to your administrator who will then forward to the Card Office for uploading to the card database. Electronic images can be used for replacement cards only.

Changing your name on your University Card

For Students

Students who wish to request a name change will need to contact their college who will liaise with the Academic Records Office on the student’s behalf to get the required change processed. Once the change has been made to the student’s record, the Card Office will be notified and a new card can be produced. Guidance for college administrators on how to process a name change for students can be found on the Academic Records Office WebLearn site.

For Staff

Name changes should first be made to any relevant local systems, if applicable (i.e. the HR system CORE). Changes will feed through to the card database automatically and you will be contacted to verify that you want a new University Card.

Name changes for college staff or academic visitors who are not in CORE can be processed by asking you administrator to email the Card Office to request a new card. Legal proof of the name change must be provided.