Lost, stolen or damaged Cards

Reporting lost, stolen or damaged University Cards

If your card is lost, stolen or damaged, inform your college or department administrator immediately. They will be able to request a replacement. If it has been lost or stolen, reporting this loss quickly will prevent unauthorised use of your University Card for which you may be held responsible. Payment should be made after the card has been reported as lost and the replacement request made to the Card Office.

If a lost or stolen card is recovered after a replacement has been requested, it cannot be used and must be returned to your administrator. The barcode and internal DESFire Chip are changed after a card is reported as lost or stolen; therefore your old card has effectively been cancelled and cannot be reactivated.

If you need urgent access to libraries, the Bodleian Library Admissions Office in the Weston Library on Broad Street will issue you a day pass until your new University Card is ready for collection.

Replacing lost, stolen or damaged University Cards

Your college or department administrator will contact the University Card Office, who will replace your lost University Card on receipt of the £15 replacement fee payable at the University's online store. Your replacement University Card will be sent to your administrator for you to collect.

Once a card has been reported as lost, we will change your barcode/OLIS number for your new card. You will need to inform your college or department administrators if your University Card is used for lending purposes at libraries or access control around the University.

There is no fee for replacing a stolen card where a crime number is reported.

Damaged cards are replaced free of charge with the exception of Retirees cards where a £15 fee must be paid (the card expiry date will however be extended for the maximum of four years duration).