Customer Service

Customer standards

Details of our delivery and quality standards can be found here:Facilities Management Delivery and Quality Standards - August 2017 (403kb). These standards help our customers understand what they can expect from us and enable our staff to know what they need to deliver. Created in July 2015 in consultation with our customers, our standards will be reviewed annually.

If you have any comments about our customer standards please contact us.

Service Level Agreements

We work with our customers to agree what services they would like us to provide. These services are outlined in our Service Level Agreements (SLA), which vary according to different customer requirements: we have an SLA in place for the FM helpdesk and for each of our managed buildings – to view these, select from our list of managed FM buildings

If you have any comments about our SLAs please contact us.

Latest customer service news from FM

We want to ensure our customers are fully aware of the services we provide and the changes and improvements we are making to these services. Quarterly strategic FM updates from Lisa Hofen are included in the Quarterly Management Reports provided to our customers.

FM quarterly reports:

If you have any comments about our customer service news please contact us.