FM forum

Estates Services FM facilitates a termly forum for FM and Building Managers across the University to meet and exchange ideas.

The forum meets termly, Thursday lunch times of week 3. If you are interested in joining the forum then contact:

The objectives of the FM Forum are:

  • to create a supportive network of FM professionals, facilitating communication between FM peers within the University. 
  • to aim to enhance the FM profession with the University.
  • with an Oxford University-wide perspective, to examine the issues, opportunities and success factors for enhancing FM across the University.
  • to discuss FM issues and understand department priorities. Findings may be fed into wider University/FM policy.
  • without changing responsibilities, to examine opportunities to share services:
    • clustering of support services (for example departments sharing some staff for particular functions)
    • consider impacts and opportunity to share resources, including the division of labour between the departments.
  • to consider opportunities for Best Practice.
  • to consider reducing duplication of effort and increasing standardisation in processes.  

FM forum agenda and meeting notes

Tools and Guides

Documents you may find useful in managing your premises.