Tools and Guides

The Estates Services FM team has provided a number of documents which you may find useful in managing your premises.  These documents are available for you to edit and save to ensure they are applicable to your own workplace (to reflect your own risks and/or needs). 

The content and information on this page is being developed and further tools and guides will be added regularly. If you need specific guidance on a service not shown please contact us.

In the meantime, we would be interested in your feedback as to what you may find helpful. 

General building template documents

A user guide aims to help staff with relevant information relating to the safe and effective use of the building. Freely accessible information for departmental staff, helps users make the best use of the buildings features, services and systems which all contribute to the effective management of the building.

Normally kept as a private and confidential document with limited circulation, this template helps FM Managers record and manage the operational aspects of their building ensuring it runs safely and effectively.

Supplier tendering template documents

University financial regulations state that high value contracts need to be tendered. Through our experience of tendering for catering services, Estates Services FM have put together a best practise guide of issues and areas to consider when tendering for catering services.

Cleaning service level documents 

Ensuring value for money from contracts, be they catering or cleaning, is not just about a robust tendering process. Service standards have to be maintained and contracts managed in order to ensure on-going value for money. Through their experience in managing cleaning contracts, Estates Services FM have put together some sample documents which help manage service level agreements and audits.  

Health and Safety templates

A check list “planner” enabling Facilities Managers to record when various health, safety and fire related building activity is due for review/renewal.

A guide to information contractors need to be aware of when working within a building. This guide is in addition to Contractor Company’s own rules and regulations, University Health and Safety policy, waste management and other procedures relating to works. 

Every building is different – Facilities Managers need to think through the hazards and risks within their building in order to satisfy University policy and the law. This template provides a framework for doing this. It is not however a generic risk assessment that can be adapted wholesale without thought.

The purpose of this risk assessment is to make sure the health, safety and welfare of the young person has been considered with respect to their age, experience, maturity and other factors. This template provides a framework for doing this. It is not however a generic risk assessment that can be adapted wholesale without thought.

 For further information and advice contact us.