Internal collection and delivery of mail

Did you know? We collected and franked just under 18,500 items of mail in 2017 and we will collect even more in 2018

With eight staff, two vans, six bikes and over 30 years of experience, you may have seen us around Oxford already. We collect and deliver to around 171 sites across the University every day. This service is available to all departments within the ring road, including those on the Old Road campus and the hospital sites.

We also collect departments external mail and frank it to reduce costs.

Sending mail Internally

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To make sure your mail reaches its destination in a timely manner, all internal post, including internal mail envelopes, should be addressed as follows:

  • Recipient’s full name
  • Department/building
  • Street name
  • Postcode
  • (Optional return address on the rear of the envelope)

If the destination of your mail is unclear, our supervisor will open it to ascertain where it needs to go or be returned to.

If your mail is marked ‘private and confidential’ it will be passed to a member of the management team to be opened and redirected as needed.


Please make sure your mail items are packed appropriately before our team collect it. 

It is a departmental responsibility to ensure that confidential items are marked as such and that packaging is sufficient to prevent loss or damage.

Packaging for items such as biological samples, batteries, alcohol or other chemicals will be subject to specific regulations and departments should ensure that staff who are packaging these items have the appropriate training.

Please visit the IATA (International Air Transport Association) website for more information on the regulations that apply to  your shipment.

High value items

We offer an extremely reliable service, but we are currently unable to track and trace individual items of mail and do not offer compensation for loss or damage.

We therefore encourage departments to send valuable items using external delivery companies that offer insurance against loss and damage.


Sending external mail

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Your external mail should always be accompanied with a UMS pink booking slip, which records your name, date, Oracle cost centre code and the postal service required. 

The team uses this slip to frank your mail and capture any charges that need to be applied to your cost centre. In some departments, the slips are completed by reception/facilities staff in others this is the responsibility of the individual staff member sending the mail.

To request booking slips or help in completing them, please contact us on (2)80647. Please note, if your external mail reaches us without a slip and the identity of the sender is unclear, our supervisor will need to open the mail.


Delivery locations

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Your department will specify a delivery location for us – usually a reception desk or security lodge. In the case of buildings or departments without a staffed delivery point, post will normally be left in a designated trays for staff to collect.

Staff should be mindful of the security provision within their own area and should report any concerns or needs to their local facilities/building manager.

We deliver to;

  • John Radcliffe Hospital (Post Room)
  • Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (Reception)
  • Churchill Hospital (Post Room)
  • Warneford Hospital (Reception)

Once your mail has been delivered it go through the hospital’s own internal sorting and delivery processes, over which we have no control. 

Vehicle deliveries and collections are carried out according to a planned schedule. To enquire about special arrangements, and for further information about vehicle deliveries/collections, please contact us on (2)80647.

To request a collection and delivery, click here to go to the online request form 


Bulk mailing

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If your department is part of a bicycle delivery round there are limitations on how much mail can be collected.  

If you need support with a large mailing – see size and weight guidelines 

please contact us on (2)80647. We will be happy to discuss your needs and will arrange a collection by one of our vehicles if possible.


Personal mail

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Our service is for University business only and should not be used for sending personal items of mail.  

We cannot be held responsible for any items of personal mail and may raise concerns with the relevant department if we suspect that the service is being abused and further investigation is warranted.