Useful tips

We’ve got a few useful tips to help you

Top tips to save money on your print

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  • Only print in colour when you need to as it’s around three times more expensive than black and white
  • If you leave blue hyperlinks in a black text document you’ll still pay for a full colour page so why not turn them black?
  • Use regular paper sizes wherever possible (A0 to A6), bespoke sizes cost a lot more.
  • If you’re printing in colour then make the most of it by including as many images and photos as you want – it won’t cost anymore!

The best file types for printing

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Sending the wrong file type to us can have a negative impact on your finished article. Here’s a few tips that will help you get the best results….

  • PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is an image format used to display documents and graphics correctly, no matter the device, application, operating system or web browser. As a result we always prefer receiving artwork in a PDF format as it avoids formatting errors
  • We can work with MS office documents and use the Adobe Pro Suite in our workshop. If you are not sure of the file type you have then get in touch

Download our size guide helping you to understand the best size for your artwork

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It’s critical to know what size of artwork you want to print. Download our style guide to see what’s best for you. 

Paper Sizes (201kb)