DLO Transfer of Control Procedure

The DLO (Director Labour Organisation) must be informed whenever contractors are working in areas and on systems under DLO control.  The DLO is also required to provide the information that contractors need in order to manage their own safe systems of work.

The procedure for implementing this Transfer of Control is as follows:

1) When is a Transfer of Control necessary?

Whenever a member of Estates Services staff or a consultant employed by Estates Services has instructed a contractor to carry out work on any mechanical services, such as heating, chilled water or drainage that involves the isolation, draining down or alteration of any system.  Please note this does not include routine maintenance or servicing tasks that do not require isolation, draining down or system alteration.

2) Notifying the DLO

The person (usually a project manager or, in departments, typically a building manager) employing the contractor should notify the DLO in advance of the work, giving as much notice as possible and providing the following details: type of work, start and finish date, names of individuals/contracting firm carrying out the work. The DLO mechanical supervisors should be contacted on the following email address: 

Chris.young@admin.ox.ac.uk  or


The person employing the contractor must also ensure that all relevant health and safety documentation appropriate to the work is in place before requesting a Transfer of Control.

3) Issuing of Transfer of Control documentation

The person employing the contractor must instruct the contractor to attend the DLO offices at 8am on the agreed works start date (unless an alternative time has been agreed), to complete a Transfer of Control Document, bringing with them the necessary health and safety documentation referred to above.  (Please note: a sample copy of a Transfer of Control document can be viewed under Documents on this page but is for information only.  Transfer of controls can ONLY be issued on attendance at the DLO offices.)

The contractor will be issued with a copy of the Transfer of Control document to keep at the site location, along with a notice to display in the area stating that this is under their control and who to contact in the event of an emergency. 

If a contractor is found to be working on any DLO system without having completed a Transfer of Control document they will be asked to make the area safe and leave site.

The DLO maintains a log of all Transfer of Control documents issued: document number, date of issue, contractor, location/system, duration of work, and return date.

4) Completion of work

The contractor must return to the DLO offices when they have completed the work to transfer control of the system back to the DLO.   Attendance does not have to be arranged in advance but must be between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

The contractor must also remove the notice at the site location.

Please note: until the Transfer of Control document is returned and logged, the contractor is still responsible and liable for the site.