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Car Parking

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Car parking is very restricted, both on University land and within the centre of the city in general.

All vehicles on University land require a valid permit.

Staff parking

Staff are encouraged to use the city's Park & Ride service or join the free University car share scheme. See the Travel section under ‘Our Services’ on the University website for more information.

Staff that need to bring their car into Oxford on a regular basis should read the University Car Parking Policy and Standing Orders before completing an application form for a car parking permit. Staff permits are issued solely on the basis of need as assessed against the criteria outlined in the regulations (as opposed to status, length of service or any other factor).

Staff with severe mobility impairments holding a current Blue Badge should have automatic entitlement to a free parking space as close to the accessible entrance of their main place of work as is possible. Please also see the supplementary Disabled Parking Guidelines.

Visitor parking

Visitors to the University should contact the relevant department, faculty or other unit to obtain a visitors' permit.

For available car parking spaces, see map below.

Central parking map

Documents and guidance

For administrators:

Disabled car parking

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Any member of staff who holds a current Blue Badge has automatic entitlement to a parking space as close to the accessible entrance of their main place of work as is possible. 

For further information: Disabled Parking Guidelines (76kb) .

Car Parking Appeals Procedures

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Parking Appeals guidance for departments and staff.


Departmental appeals for changes to allocations, including requests for exchanges of peak permits and operational spaces, and exemptions from the student eligibility rule should be directed to the Sustainable Travel Officer at Estates Services who will then bring them to the attention of the Car Parking Working Group (CPWG). Subsequent appeals against the decisions of that body should be directed to the Chairman of BESC and copied to the Director of Estates Services.

Staff Members

Staff wishing to appeal for their permit application to be reconsidered should contact their departmental administrator in the first instance. Rulings are to be made by the Head of Department, or their nominated deputy. If not satisfied, the staff member may appeal to the CPWG via the Sustainable Travel Officer at Estates Services. After this the staff member has a final recourse to the Chairman of BESC.

Appealing against enforcement

Details of how to make an appeal are included on the Civil Parking Notice. Appeals can be submitted by post to Car Parking Partnership, PO Box 597, Northampton, NN4 7XN or online. Appellants will need to reference both the Vehicle Registration Mark and Civil Parking Notice number. Appellants do not need to pay the parking charge whilst appealing. Once an appeal is received by Car Parking Partnership, the enforcement process is stopped until a decision on the appeal is made. Car Parking Partnership will accept or reject appeals within 35 days from the date they received it.

Car sharing

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The University has teamed up with the largest car-share network in the UK, Journeyshare, to provide staff with their very own free car-sharing scheme.

How to take part in our car-sharing scheme

  1. Register 
  2. If you own and will be sharing a car, apply for a car share peak time parking permit (see below).

How to apply for a car share peak time parking permit

  1. Each member of the team must be registered 
  2. Each University member of the team completes the declaration section of Part A and all of Part B of the University car parking application form
  3. One University member of the team is designated the 'prime holder' of the permit and additionally completes the payment section of Part A of the University car parking application form (the 'prime holder' will be charged for the permit and it is their responsibility to get the other members of the team to repay their share)
  4. Application forms are sent together as a team to –

Sustainable Travel Officer 
Estates Services
University of Oxford
The Malthouse
Tidmarsh Lane

The special permit can be used on any car in the team.

Eligibility of the car share team

  • all members of the team are registered as CarBUDi's on the Journeyshare
  • at least 50% of the team are employed by the University of Oxford
  • at least two members of the team live more than 3 miles from their place of work
  • at least two members of the team share a ride to work at least three days a week (excluding periods when members are on annual leave or other authorised absence)
  • members of a formal car share team issued with a car share peak-time permit are not allowed to hold individual peak-time permits at the same time
  • if any member of a formal car share team is frequently found to be driving to work on their own, the team's permit will be withdrawn

Guaranteed Ride Home

In case of an emergency or a requirement to work late at short notice (does not apply if circumstances could have been anticipated and planned for), members of the car share scheme who are employed by the University are guaranteed a taxi ride home.

Application for reimbursement due to late working: must be made to the relevant Departmental Administrator. Details on how to claim found here.

Applications for reimbursement due to emergency: must be made to the University Sustainable Travel Officer.

Park & Ride parking permit

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The University offers an interest-free loan scheme for quarterly or annual P&R parking permits for any of the 5 P&R sites around Oxford’s ring road. The scheme is offered to all members of staff paid on the main payroll.

How to apply

1. Purchase the P&R season ticket:

Redbridge/Seacourt/Pear Tree P&R sites

Thornhill/Water Easton P&R sites

2. Fill out and sign the top section of the form (Season Ticket Loan Form (184kb) for reimbursement (remember to attach a proof of purchase – receipt or confirmation email)
3. Send the completed form to your Departmental Administrator who will authorise the payment and send the form to the Payroll Department (who will draw the cheque and arrange monthly deductions from the salary over the period of the season ticket)


  • The amount of the loan should be less than the employee's monthly net pay
  • Under no circumstances can the sum total of loans exceed £10,000
  • The loan is repayable through the main payroll
  • Loan cheques will be made to the employee to reimburse them for a ticket they have already purchased

Note: discounted bus passes for some P&R busses are available through the University discount bus travel scheme.

Discounts on Electric Vehicles

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The University of Oxford is a member of the easitNETWORK, a powerful working partnership designed to support and encourage the most influential businesses in a local area to adopt alternative and sustainable transport behaviours to reduce pollution, ease congestion and increase satisfaction within its staff base. 

Details are available here: 

Through easeit, registered staff can receive up to £11,000 discount on the electric Nissan Leaf Acenta. From December 2015 this discount will also be extended to the 30kWh model, with a range of up to 155 miles. Staff can also benefit from a four-day, free test drive, and a series of other benefits including free charging and free roadside assistance.