Postgraduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Health Care

  • 1. The Divisional Board of Medical Sciences, jointly with the Continuing Education Board, shall elect for the supervision of the course a Standing Committee, which shall have the power to arrange lectures and other instruction.

  • 2. Candidates must follow for at least three and at most nine terms a part-time course of instruction in the theory and practice of Evidence-Based Health Care, which shall normally take place over a period of no more than four years. The postgraduate certificate is only available to students admitted for the degree of M.Sc. in Evidence-Based Health Care.

  • 3. Every candidate will be required to satisfy the examiners in the following:

    • (a) attendance at both of the modules listed in Schedule A (below);

    • (b) attendance at one of the modules listed in Schedule B (below);

    • (c) three written assignments, usually of no more than 5,000 words, one on each of the modules from 3(a) and 3(b) above.

      The assessed work set out in clause 3(c) shall be forwarded to the examiners c/o Registry, Department for Continuing Education, 1 Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JA, for consideration by such date as the examiners shall determine and of which they shall notify candidates.

  • 4. Candidates may be required to attend a viva voce examination at the end of the course of studies at the discretion of the examiners.

  • 5. The examiners may award a distinction to candidates for the Postgraduate Certificate.

  • 6. Candidates who fail to satisfy the examiners in any of the three assignments under 3(c) may be permitted, normally within one year of the original failure, to resubmit work in respect of the part or parts they have failed on not more than one occasion for each assignment without being required to repeat attendance at the relevant module or modules under 3(a) and/or 3(b).

  • 7. The Standing Committee shall have the discretion to permit any candidate to be exempted, in exceptional circumstances, from attendance at one module under 3(a) or 3(b) and from submitting the associated assignment required under 3(c) above, provided that the Standing Committee is satisfied that such a candidate has undertaken equivalent study, or has appropriate work experience to an equivalent standard.

Schedule A

  • M1: Practice of EBHC

  • M2: Introduction to Study Design and Research Methods

Schedule B

  • M3: Knowledge into Action

  • M4: Clinical Epidemiology

  • M5: Evidence-Based Diagnosis and Screening

  • M6: Systematic Reviews

  • M7: Randomised Control Trials

  • M8: Essential Medical Statistics

  • M9: Patient-Based Evidence

  • M10: Ethics in Health Care

  • M11: Qualitative Research Methods

  • M12: Evidence-Based Dentistry

  • M13: Introduction to Statistics in Health Care Research

    Any other module as defined by the Programme Director and approved by the Standing Committee.