The Pensions Office administers the pension schemes operated by the University for its employees.   

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Pension schemes


If you are on an academic or academic-related pay scale (generally grade 6 or above), you are automatically a member of USS (Universities Superannuation Scheme).


If you are on a pay scale other than academic or academic-related (e.g. clerical and library; ancillary, parks and gardens;) you are automatically a member of OSPS (University of Oxford Staff Pension Scheme).


If you work in the medical school and were employed by the NHS immediately prior to your engagement by the University, you may be eligible to join the NHSPS (National Health Service Pension Scheme), unless you have elected to join another scheme instead.

To be eligible for NHSPS membership, you must have been contributing to the NHSPS at some time during the 12 months immediately prior to joining the University and you must complete a separate application form to join NHSPS within 3 months of joining the University.


National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) is a national scheme, offered by the University to non-employees who have a contract personally to work for or provide services to the University and who are not undertaking the work as part of their own business.

If you have retired, you may find our Information for Pensioners useful.

If you have not yet retired, we have a range of information available about retirement.

Contact details

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Telephone: 01865 (6) 16133
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