Retirement, early retirement and work after retirement

This information is for pre 1 October 2017 joiners.

Normal Retirement date

Please note that this section has been updated to reflect the changes to the University’s Employer Justified Retirement Age that came into effect on 1 October 2017

  • For support staff - there is no normal or fixed age at which support staff employed at the University have to retire. However, for the purposes of calculating certain benefits, for members who joined before 1 October 2017, the OSPS rules define normal retirement date as your 65th birthday for benefits built upon a final salary basis and for CARE benefits it is the later of age 65 and your State Pension Age (or your birthday which precedes it, if it does not fall on your birthday). Further details are available from Personnel Services.
  • For academic-related staff at grades 6 & 7 – from 1 October 2017, there is no normal or fixed age at which staff in posts at grades 6 and 7 have to retire. Staff at these grades may elect to retire in accordance with the rules of the applicable pension scheme, as may be amended from time to time. The Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) currently defines normal pension age as your 65th birthday. Further details are available from Personnel Services.
  • For academic and academic-related employees at grade 8 or above - the University has agreed an Employer Justified Retirement Age (EJRA) of 30 September before your 69th birthday. Further details are available from Personnel Services.

If you are unsure about your normal retirement date, please contact the Pensions Office who can confirm the date to you.

Considering early retirement?

You may wish to stop work before your normal retirement date. Two such scenarios are considered below:


You may always resign form your work at any time. If you are over 55 (age 50  for members who joined OSPS before 6 April 2006, subject to certain conditions), you may apply to the Trustees of the scheme to receive your pension early. If the Trustees agree, your pensions will be reduced to reflect the early payment.

Ill health

If your health deteriorates so that you become permanently unable to do your job, you may apply to the Trustees for an immediate ill health early retirement benefits. Please contact the Pensions Office for further information.

Retiring after long service?

Please see section 5.2(b) Long-Service Awards and Gifts to Staff on Retirement in the Payments Manual.

Working after retirement

You should ask your employer about their policy regarding reemployment of people who have retired from its service. University employees should contact Personnel Services or their departmental administrator for further guidance. For further information about working after retirement, please click on the Guidance Notes link further below.

Working after ill health retirement

If you have retired on the grounds of ill health and subsequently your health improves so you are able to take up paid employment or self-employment before your normal retirement date, you must write immediately to the Pensions Office giving full details of your new earnings. Your pension may be reduced or suspended, depending on the level of your earnings.

Failure to notify could lead to forfeiture of the pension.

If you have any queries, please see the guidance notes or contact the Pensions Office.

Preparing for your retirement

There are two aspects to preparing for retirement - making the transition from work life to retired life and making sure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

You can help to make the transition as smooth as possible by making sure that your departmental Administrator knows when you are retiring. It's a good idea to give your administrator as much notice as possible, so that he or she can formally notify the Payroll department and the Pensions Office in good time.

But don't wait for the Pensions Office to contact you. The Pensions Office can give you an estimate of your pension and retirement benefits to help you plan your future. It can also prepare the necessary paperwork to ensure the process works smoothly.

Pre-retirement seminar course

Some of you may want to think about other aspects to retiring - health, housing, welfare, etc. The Oxford Learning Institute offers a one-day seminar course, "Retirement: stepping forward with confidence in retirement".

The course explores the life choices people have as they make the important transition into retirement.

The course is suitable for staff approaching or considering retirement.

For further information about this course, please contact the Oxford Learning Institute on 01865 (2) 86808 or

Retirement Benefits

Please consult the following pages:

Contact details

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