Pension Schemes

The University provides the following pension schemes to its employees:

  • USS: Employees who are on academic or academic-related pay scales (generally grade 6 or above) are usually offered membership of the Universities Superannuation Scheme (“USS”). 
  • OSPS: OSPS is the University's scheme for those of you who are on scales of pay of Grade 5 and below, other than academic and academic-related. The scheme is also open to similar employees of colleges and other institutions that participate in the scheme.
  • NHSPS: The NHS Pension Scheme is administered outside the University by the NHS Pensions Agency (NHSPA).
  • NEST: National Employment Savings Trust is a national scheme, offered by the University to non-employees who have a contract personally to work for or provide services to the University and who are not undertaking the work as part of their own business.

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