Contents Insurance

The University arranges insurance protection for departmental equipment including computers, furniture, money, stores and items on loan, against fire, explosion, malicious and accidental damage, wet perils and theft. Minor stand-alone works of art and small library holdings are also covered. For any other types of item requiring cover, please contact the Insurance Team.

Cover is subject to all due security precautions being taken at all times, as advised by Oxford University Security Services and the Insurance Team.

New purchases and additions under £100,000 are automatically covered. The purchase of any new item or group of items or items on loan with a value in excess of £100,000 must be referred to the Insurance Team immediately to enable cover to be arranged.

Contents on Loan

If any items of equipment, or contents, are loaned to the University an agreement should be put in place. A template loan agreement is available from University legal services office upon request to

Worldwide Cover

Cover extends worldwide for any item being taken abroad for business purposes and which will remain in the custody and control of the University. Referral must be made to the Insurance Team if items valued in excess of £100,000 are to be taken abroad.

Working from Home - Equipment

The University's contents insurance policy will cover University equipment whilst it is being used for work in an employee's home.  The arrangements are subject to the standard excess charge.  Items of equipment must be kept safe and secure at all times.

Referral should be made to the Insurance Team for items or groups of items valued £10,000 or over.

Please refer to the University's guidance on working from home for more  information.

Insurance Cover for Cash

Theft of cash from within University departments is covered subject to cash being stored securely and in accordance with Finance Division guidelines. Claims are subject to the standard £2,000 excess.

For cash taken overseas, please see the Travel Insurance guidance pages.

Excess Payable

Cover is arranged on a reinstatement basis subject to an excess of £2,000 payable by the department.

Conditions of Cover and Exclusions

Cover is subject to conditions and exclusions, for full details please contact the Insurance Team.

Examples of key conditions and exclusions:

  • Losses from unattended vehicles are not covered
  • Theft and malicious damage losses must be reported to the police
  • Items must remain under the custody and control of the University for Cover to operate
  • Transit insurance is not provided unless the transportation is being undertaken by the University and the items remain in the University’s custody and control at all times