How to make a Travel Insurance Claim

1. Notify relevant parties

  • All incidents should be notified to your Departmental Administrator as soon as possible
  • If emergency assistance is required, contact Aon Protect Assistance (Emergency Contacts, Information Sheet and Card (429kb)and follow any advice given
  • The Emergency Assistance provider MUST be contacted in the event that emergency repatriation is required
  • The University Insurance Team should be notified of any incident within 28 days of occurrence, even if you have not returned to the UK within that time
  • It is a policy condition that you report any theft or crime to the police or relevant security personnel immediately and obtain a written report

2. Submit Documentation

  • Select and complete the relevant claim form from the list below and return it to the University Insurance Team within 28 days of your return to the UK.

In the case of a medical expenses claim, should you wish to keep the personal medical information confidential from the University Insurance Team arrangements can be made for you to submit your claim direct to the Insurer. Please contact the University Insurance Team who will provide you with a reference number which will enable you to submit the claim directly.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless alternative arrangements have been made with the University Insurance Team, the completed claim form must be sent to the University Insurance Team and not sent directly to AON Underwriting. Failure to comply may result in your claim being delayed or refused.

All remaining claim documentation (e.g. police report, receipts etc.) is to be received by the University Insurance Team for processing within 4 months

The insurance claim should not be confused with any other standard expense claim for the trip

3. Settlement of Claim

  • The Insured Person shall take all reasonable steps to avoid or minimise any loss or damage and to recover any property which has been lost stolen
    • Where the settlement is to be made to the individual, payment will be made to the claimant's nominated bank account by BACS (account details to be entered on the claim form)
    • Where settlement is to be made to the department, the Insurance Team will liaise with the Departmental Administrator
    • Settlement will be made net of the standard policy excess of £50 (per person).