Vehicle Insurance

The University is required to arrange motor insurance cover for all University-owned vehicles in accordance with the Road Traffic Act. In order to arrange cover, see University Owned Vehicles page. 

It can also arrange motor insurance cover for those vehicles hired to the University on a temporary basis. In order to arrange cover, see Hired Vehicles page.

All cover is for business use only. 

If you are hiring a vehicle for a Proctors' Registered University Club or Society, vehicle hirings and insurance may be arranged through the Sport Transport Scheme.

Drivers Owning  A Non-UK Driving Licence And Driving University Hired Or Owned Vehicles.

Any driver owning a non-UK driving licence who is required to drive on University business must check that they are eligible to drive a vehicle either owned by or hired to the University.

Please see the link to the DVLA for a quick search for eligibility.  

A copy of the driving licence must be provided to your Departmental Administrator.

Departmental Administrators must ensure that staff using their own vehicles for a University purpose have Business Use cover on their personal motor policies. The mileage allowance paid by the University in this respect includes all actual and incidental costs involved in running a vehicle, including an element for motor insurance.

The University's motor insurance policy does not provide cover for the ownership or hire of motor vehicles whilst abroad. Take out the highest indemnity limit offered by the vehicle hire company to ensure you are fully covered.

The University's Work Related Road Safety Policy must be adhered to.


DVLA Licence Requirements

From January 2015, the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will not be issuing a paper counterpart to the photo card driving licence. This is one of a number of initiatives to digitise the documentation process with which drivers currently have to comply. In its place, the DVLA is in the process of developing online access portals where checks can be made for specific purposes.

A free of charge ''View Driving Record'' portal is available online for individuals to view their own license details at

Drivers should provide a print-out of their counterpart details to the Departmental Motor Administrator for their records. Licence checks should be maintained on an annual basis to ensure records are up to date.

System of Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) for motor vehicles

As of 23 May 2011 the DVLA database of registered vehicles will be compared with the Motor Insurance Database (MID). If a taxed vehicle does not appear on the MID, the registered keeper may be issued with a fixed penalty notice for a £100 fine. Continued failure to comply with the requirement may result in prosecution through the courts, clamping, seizure and ultimately destruction of the vehicle.

In order to avoid CIE penalties and unnecessary administration costs, there must be an MID record for the vehicle concerned. Maintaining up to date and accurate MID records will also eliminate the chances of vehicles being stopped in roadside checks or as a result of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology.

Failure to meet MID requirements can lead to separate prosecution and a fine of up to £5,000. Therefore it is vital that you inform the Insurance Team immediately of any changes to vehicle ownership as per the instructions here.