Higher Studies Fund

The Higher Studies Fund (HSF) has its origins in an appeal launched in 1937 with the initial purpose of raising funds for the extension of the Bodleian Library. Apart from funds that are set aside for the use of the Bodleian Libraries, funds are able to be used for research, and in recent years have in the main been used to enable new appointees to statutory posts to establish their research following a move to Oxford from elsewhere. In some cases grants have been for capital items, for example building work or equipment; in others they have been for short-term research support.

The HSF is unusual among trust funds in that it is a substantial fund that can be used for a wide range of research purposes. Annual income to the Fund is approximately £410k, which is a valuable resource that can be used towards meeting the University’s strategic aims.

The Fund operates under a board of management and is managed within the Finance Division.

Each year, the divisions of the University are invited to submit information about future professorial appointments and consequent requirements for support, to the HSF. These bids are reviewed by the board of management and appropriate allocations made for the following three years.


Contact Details

Secretary: Mrs Adrienne Lingard (01865 6)16172

Finance Division - Trusts Section
University Offices
Wellington Square