Littlemore Fund

The Littlemore Trust is a trust fund intended to assist University staff, retired staff, and their dependants in times of hardship and financial need. The Trust provides grants to be used ‘for the purpose of aiding by money, grants or pensions, any member, or retired former member, of the staff of the University who may be found in straitened circumstances and deserving of pecuniary assistance’.

How to apply

Applications for assistance should describe the circumstances of the case and include the information requested below, and should come from a senior member of the employing department who will apply on behalf of a more junior member of staff. Applicants may write directly but a letter of support will still be required from a senior member of their department. Requests for assistance for University pensioners are referred by the University’s Pensioners’ Welfare Officer.

 The information provided should include the following details:

  • Name
  • Employing department
  • Grade and salary including length of service
  • Income and expenditure details
  • Sufficient detail to support the application and whether financial hardship has been demonstrated.

It is helpful if a specific requirement can be identified that may be resolved through a grant or, occasionally, a loan. For example: to purchase specific items of equipment, cost of repair or refurbishment, the cost of debt, etc. It is also helpful if the applicant is able to indicate whether there is any other source of funding to which they may be eligible to apply and to confirm that any eligibility for state benefits has been explored.

The permission of the applicant to approach other agencies, if necessary, to seek confirmation of details that are provided, should be obtained.

Contact details

Secretary: Mrs Adrienne Lingard  (01865 6)16172

University Offices
Wellington Square