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Single accommodation – as heading

Published: 06 Apr 17     Category: News

Living Out Talks

Published: 26 Jan 17     Category: News
Castle Mill common room will be hosting two Living Out Talks, open to all students.

Strong first year for Castle Mill shared bikes

Published: 25 Jan 17     Category: News
The graduate accommodation team is celebrating a successful 2016 for the communal bike scheme at Castle Mill.

New graduate accommodation in Marston

Published: 30 Nov 16     Category: News
We have just acquired a new development in Marston which is located roughly 3 miles from Oxford city centre, it is a popular location for those requiring access to both the city centre and the hospitals and also hosts a number of the colleges’ sports fields just off the Marston road.

Single Accommodation available Summertown House

Published: 25 Nov 16     Category: News
We have a single studio available from 5 December at Summertown House. This is available on a fixed-term tenancy until 31 July 2017, and is £678.59 per month, which includes all utilities except for electric. The studio has private kitchen and bathroom facilities, and is on the second floor facing the oval.

Tea, cake and lucky dip at Summertown House!

Published: 23 Nov 16     Category: News
After the success of the recent meet-and-greet event at the Blavatnik, the Graduate Accommodation team held another get-together on Saturday – a tea party at Summertown House Mansion, aimed at graduate students with young children. It was great to see so many families come along – not just from Summertown House, but also from Alan Bullock Close and Court Place Gardens.

Welcoming graduate students to Oxford

Published: 28 Oct 16     Category: News
The Graduate Accommodation team held a successful welcome reception for their graduate students on October 21.

Summertown House Play Park

Published: 11 Jul 16     Category: News
To celebrate the newly refurbished Summertown House Play Park, Graduate Accommodation invited a photographer and a face painter along to their event on Friday 1 July.

Recycling at Castle Mill boosts charity campaign

Published: 20 Nov 15     Category: News
A trial of the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) ‘Pack for Good’ campaign, which collects unwanted student belongings to stock their second-hand shops or to be recycled, has proved a great success at Castle Mill.

Castle Mill tenants trial charity recycling campaign

Published: 08 Jul 15     Category: News
The Graduate Accommodation Office (GAO) is working with the British Heart Foundation to trial a recycling service for unwanted student belongings at the end of their tenancy agreement.