HR Communications

This page explains how we communicate with HR colleagues across the University, how to join different communication channels, and where to find out more.

The central HR function supports both strategic and operational HR activities across the University.

Teams from central HR communicate with HR colleagues in departments and faculties in a variety of ways.

Personnel Services website

The Personnel Services website is the main source of information about the University's personnel policies and procedures. The website contains detailed information on the full employee life cycle, including recruitment procedures, employment policies (eg family leave, holiday, sickness) and ending employment. The website is open access apart from the contract templates webpage. If you require access to this page, please contact for further information.

The website also includes specific sections on Reward matters, Staff Immigration, the HR Analytics team, and on using the University’s HR Information System (HRIS), CoreHR. There is a Templates and Forms section that brings together pro-forma documentation for ease of reference.

There are also related websites for:

Please note that all teams in central HR are migrating their websites to a new platform in 2019. Please check back to our website regularly for updates.  

HR Newsletter and Mailing List

The HR Newsletter is published once every academic term as well as a special edition in the summer. The newsletter includes updates from across the central HR teams including policy changes, project updates, event listings, and staff changes within central HR.

The newsletter is circulated to the administrators-personnel mailing list:

To join this mailing list, HR staff should complete the Request to join mailing lists form (67kb) and submit it to the HRIS Data Services team at This form should also be used for any changes in Heads of Department, Faculty Board Chairs and Departmental Administrators. It usually takes around a month for updates to be actioned.

Departments are encouraged to add their generic HR email inbox (if one exists) to this mailing list, and to give relevant users access via this generic account rather than signing up individually to the mailing list.  The generic account ensures updates are still received by the department and for data protection reasons.

HR Briefings

The HR Policy team delivers termly briefings for HR staff in departments about policy changes and project updates. The briefings cover a wide range of personnel matters, often including updates from related teams like Pensions and the OLI.

Two briefings (covering the same material) are held partway through each academic term, normally in 4th and 5th week, and we seek to hold one in central Oxford and one ‘up the hill’ at the JR Hospital or the Old Road Campus.

Additional briefings are sometimes held for specific policy changes that will have a major impact across the University (eg Shared Parental Leave, the EJRA).

Attendance is limited to HR staff and Departmental Administrators (or equivalent). Staff can register via links in the termly HR newsletter.

Subject-specific newsletters

Other teams within central HR also publish subject-specific newsletters and bulletins. HR staff with relevant responsibilities are encouraged to join the mailing lists for these newsletters.

HRIS Bulletin: The HRIS Bulletin is a regular publication for users of CoreHR. With the bulletin we aim to provide users with a summary of essential HRIS information. All CoreHR users are automatically added to the mailing list for the Bulletin.

Staff Immigration Team News Bulletin: The SIT News Bulletin is a regular update for HR colleagues involved in staff immigration matters. It is particularly geared towards: staff involved in the administration of Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) and visa applications; staff who manage sponsored visa holders; and staff involved in completing right to work checks. To join the mailing list for the bulletin, please email

Equality and Diversity Newsletter: The Equality and Diversity Unit publishes a termly newsletter, with news, events and initiatives from across the University. The newsletter is aimed at all staff and students. To join the mailing list for this newsletter, please email


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HR Updates for Staff

Once per term, we publish HR Updates, a summary of HR news for staff across the University. Frequently covered topics include childcare, staff benefits, training and development, staff immigration and pensions. These updates are aimed at staff in general rather than HR specialists.

Visit our Updates for Staff page to read the latest issue. 

Contact information

If you have any questions about HR Communications, please contact