This manual has been compiled as an initiative under the Departmental Administration Project (further details of which may be found in section 5). The intention is to provide departmental administrators with a ready reference to basic information about the University of Oxford, its structure and administrative organisation, and summaries of the support provided by the main central services. It also provides details of the principal contacts within these central services and Web addresses that can be accessed to give additional information. Primarily, the manual has been prepared to assist departmental administrators new to Oxford and/or new to the role. In addition, it also aims to provide established administrators with a quick reference to selected information to save the time and effort that would otherwise be expended in obtaining it.

This manual will be kept under periodic review but inevitably certain information, e.g. contact details, will change over time. So it is recommended that this more volatile information is checked by using the University Website, particularly the contact search facility at

I wish to ensure that this manual remains a relevant and useful document to all departmental administrators and therefore would welcome comments and proposed amendments or suggestions for its improvement at any time. Whilst I would be happy to receive your comments, I ask that suggestions for specific changes be directed to the Departmental Administration Project Officer, via

You have a wide-ranging role and need to juggle many priorities to provide the necessary support within your department or unit. I am aware that on top of the significant day-to-day support needed periodically there are additional requirements from the central services and outside agencies that are necessary for the continued success of the University.

Finally, I recognise that yours is a vital role in ensuring that departments achieve the standards for which we all strive, to maintain our place as a world-class university. So I will always welcome your comments on any aspect of the support you receive and any ideas you may have to make the University Administration collectively work more effectively and efficiently.