Section 11: Applicant and student administration

The Academic Administration Division (AAD) brings together those sections of University administration and services which support most aspects of academic administration, and it works closely with departments and colleges in helping to coordinate this work across Oxford.

A particular area of responsibility is directly to provide, or otherwise to coordinate, support for the student career (both undergraduate and postgraduate), and to promote the development across Oxford of coherent systems and services to underpin this. The AAD includes the Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach team, the Graduate Admissions and Funding Office, and Student Administration and Services.

Undergraduate admissions and outreach

The Undergraduate Admissions offices provide a central admissions service for the colleges and applicants to Oxford, advising the collegiate University of admissions policies, promoting the Common Framework (which aims to attract the most academically able regardless of background), and works to ensure the public perception of Oxford is well informed.

A central admissions enquiries service is provided at the Admissions i, alongside production of the prospectus, University Open Days support and coordination of admissions tours. The Operations team coordinates the undergraduate admissions process: it produces admissions data, organises Far East and North American interviews, dispatches UCAS applications to colleges and departments, dispatches Oxford tests and organises pre-interview tests, coordinates August results, and develops ADSS to assist subjects participating in the selection exercise.

The Student Recruitment team organises events for potential applicants, their parents, teachers and careers advisors, including regional conferences, HE fairs, school visits and European student recruitment tours, and coordinates overseas undergraduate recruitment activities.

The Widening Access and Widening Participation teams contribute to and coordinate access efforts across the collegiate University, with the aim of raising aspirations, attainments and progression rates into HE and increasing application and offer rates from underrepresented target groups. Activities include the UNIQ summer schools programme, visit days and mentoring programmes, and support of college outreach efforts.

Graduate admissions and funding

The effectiveness of our admissions procedures and the attractiveness of the funding packages which we are able to offer applicants are of key importance to the recruitment of the ablest graduate students at national and international level, where Oxford is in fierce competition with the world's best universities. Success in this area is crucial to maintaining the pre-eminent global position of the University and its colleges.

The Graduate Admissions and Funding Office responds to the challenges of two top strategic priorities, namely further improving Oxford's graduate admissions processes and developing better funding packages for graduates, so that in both areas we offer the very best services and opportunities available internationally. The Office supports the Graduate Admissions Committee and Education Committee, as well as Conference's Graduate Committee.

The Office's work spans four broad areas:

  • Developing and coordinating Oxford’s processes for recruiting and admitting all our graduate students in support of departments, faculties and colleges.
  • Advancing a marketing strategy to enable the recruitment of the highest-calibre graduate students.
  • Managing a portfolio of over 50 scholarship schemes worth £13 million per year and working with the Oxford Thinking Campaign to develop and implement new graduate scholarships.
  • Coordinating and publicising university-wide funding opportunities, and providing funding advice to applicants and the collegiate university.

Student administration and services

The Student Administration and Services section coordinates student administration from registration through to examinations and graduation, ensures the provision of accurate data on students from application to graduation from a single student record system, and is responsible for centrally managed student services such as counselling, student welfare and disability support, careers and sport. In collaboration with IT Services, the Student Administration section is working on the development across Oxford of coherent systems and services as part of the Student Systems Programme of work to underpin student teaching, learning, assessment and administration.

The Student Administration and Services section comprises the following teams.

Student administration

  • Academic Data Management
  • Student Information and Financial Support
  • Examinations and Assessments
  • Student Systems

Student services

  • Careers Service
  • Student Welfare and Support Services
  • Oxford Learning Institute
  • University Sport