Section 15: Equality and Diversity

The Equality and Diversity Unit works in partnership with University bodies, academic divisions and departments and the UAS to ensure that the University's goal of the pursuit of excellence goes hand in hand with ensuring freedom from discrimination and equality of opportunity.

The Equality and Diversity Unit

The Equality and Diversity Unit has responsibility for considering all existing and emerging equality legislation with a view to identifying relevant issues, which are then translated into key University policies for approval by relevant bodies, and for working to promote equality across all groups who share a protected characteristic (which include age, disability, gender, gender reassignment, race, religion and belief and sexual orientation).

The unit provides information and guidance to divisions, departments and faculties to enable them to discharge their responsibilities and to support senior members of the University in showing leadership on diversity issues. It facilitates central consultation with specific groups of staff and students,  provides monitoring of key strategic issues and also drafts publications for approval by the relevant bodies as appropriate. The unit also provides a harassment advisory service for staff and students and support for staff with disabilities.  Support for students with disabilities  is provided by the Disability Advisory Service.

The Unit also works to promote awareness of equality and diversity issues among all members of the collegiate University. This includes developing the understanding of legislation, the positive duties to promote equality, and the research, teaching and outreach benefits of a diverse and inclusive academic community. The EDU website contains information about the networks and activities they support.

Divisional and Departmental Responsibilities

Heads of divisions, departments and chairs of faculty boards, of both academic and administrative departments, are responsible for the day-to-day implementation and delivery of the University's strategic objectives for diversity and equal opportunities in that division, department or faculty in accordance with the policy guidance provided.