Section 5: Personnel Services

Personnel Services

Working together with all those involved in the employment of university staff, Personnel Services aspire to develop a framework of personnel policy and practice which promotes the University's objective of achieving and sustaining world-class excellence in all areas of teaching and research.

The team aims to foster a cohesive, consistent, and transparent approach to the delivery of:

  • a personnel management service to all areas of the University by providing professional and well informed advice, support, and guidance
  • a timely and helpful service that recognises and responds to the particular characteristics of the collegiate University and that helps it to attract, retain, and develop a high-quality and diverse workforce
  • effective and fair personnel policies and practices that underpin each of the key elements of the University's mission and ensure that every individual is encouraged and enabled to contribute as fully as possible in an atmosphere of respect and consideration

University staff database

Information on all university staff is held on a central CoreHR database. CoreHR is a fully integrated human resource information system, supplied by Core International. It enables users to manage all aspects of HR, from initial recruitment through to termination of employment processes.

For all further information on CoreHR, please see the CoreHR website.

Departmental Administration Project (DAP)

The Departmental Administration Project (DAP) ran from 2007 to 2009 under the auspices of the Registrar and with support from Personnel Services with the aim of improving aspects of the support provided to departmental administrators.

The outcomes of the project were:

  • this manual
  • the establishment of the termly meetings between the Registrar and departmental administrators
  • a guide to recruitment and selection of administrators
  • induction and probation guidance, and the introduction of a structured induction meeting held with the Departmental Administration Project officer to ensure new administrators are introduced to key contacts and are made aware of training and support available to them
  • the professional development review procedure for departmental administrators
  • occasional surveys of administrators career development aspirations.

Personnel Services continue to have oversight of the initiatives above and the current point of contact for new administrators is Kate Butler (email:, tel: (2) 89925)