Section 9: Safety And Occupational Health

Safety office

The University Safety Office provides professional advice to departments on all aspects of health and safety. The University Safety Office is also responsible for the implementation of a number of rolling programmes of health and safety improvements in the University, e.g. structural fire precautions, fume cupboards, containment facilities in laboratories handling dangerous pathogens, and asbestos management.

In addition, the Safety Office administers a mini-minor works budget and provides some health and safety services; examples are hazardous wastes disposal, provision of safety signs, a safety library and fire-alarm contract administration. 

All departments are required to have a Statement of Safety Organisation (see proforma statement) and conform to the relevant University Health and Safety Policy Statements.

Occupational Health Service

The goal of the University Occupational Health Service is the prevention of work-related ill-health and the support of those at work with health problems or disabilities. They provide a wide range of occupational health services to all employees.

Services provided include:

  • Screening for employment
  • Statutory health surveillance
  • Referrals
  • Staff counselling
  • Hazard/risk assessment
  • A travel clinic

It does not provide general practice services, treatment or first aid.