Advertising and obtaining applications

Once the post has been graded the job description can be produced. It is essential that the job description/further particulars are available prior to advertising the position since as soon as the advertisement appears potential applicants will be seeking additional detailed information to confirm their interest in the post and to determine if they wish to put themselves forward for consideration. Consequently the further particulars need to be designed to emphasis the attractiveness of the role, and to provide sufficiently detailed information on the following:

  • Background to the university and its administrative organisation
  • Background to the department
  • Details of the post and its place in the departmental organisation
  • A summary of the appointment terms, conditions and employment benefits
  • The person specification and selection criteria
  • The method of application
  • The method of selection
  • Sources of additional information

Model further particulars are available.  These require information on the department to be inserted and may need other amendment to suit departmental requirements. Also the funding available should be considered in deciding whether to include the discretionary salary range in the further particulars and advertisement.

The next step is to decide how applications are to be obtained. Specific approval from the Registrar will be needed if an appointment is to be made without advertising. Further advice on these aspects is available via the Personnel Services main recruitment pages.

In all but the most exceptional of cases the post should be advertised widely both internally and externally. This should be done following the normal procedures.

To ensure that all applications are dealt with in the same way arrangements should be made to have them handled by one designated person or if that is not possible at least through one office. This should also include arrangements for responses under the university's recruitment monitoring procedure