Starting salary and start date

The variables that need to be negotiated before an appointment can be made are the starting salary and the start date. Once the preferred candidate has been chosen the Head of Department, Divisional Secretary and Director of Human Resources should discuss the starting salary to be offered and what, if any, leeway there is to negotiate if the initial offer is not accepted. The start date generally needs to be as soon as possible but will depend on a number of factors including:

  • Availability of the preferred candidate (see Selection interviews)
  • Departure date of the present incumbent if the post has remained filled
  • The pressure to end temporary arrangements if the post is vacant

Appointment negotiations and letter of appointment

The Head of Department should inform the preferred candidate of their selection by telephone as soon as possible after the selection decision has been made and the starting salary and proposed start date have been decided.

The proposed salary and start date should be offered and negotiations on them and discussions on other matters, e.g. relocation arrangements, temporary accommodation, etc opened.

The Divisional Secretary and Director of Human Resources should be informed once an acceptable package has been agreed. In addition the department should complete the recruitment monitoring procedure.

Letter of appointment and arrival

Personnel Services will prepare and issue two copies of the formal letter of appointment, signed by the Registrar.

Once a copy of the letter of appointment signed by the new Administrator accepting the terms and conditions has been received the DAP Officer will write a welcoming letter, referring to the departmental administrators' manual, and offering assistance with induction.

The Divisional Secretary should provide the new Administrator with Divisional information that would smooth the initial few days in post and offer personal support.

When the new Administrator arrives the Department, Division and DAP Officer should make the necessary arrangements for induction and probation (see the guide to Departmental administrator induction and probation procedures).