Disciplinary procedures

Guidance last updated 30 September 2011

It is the policy of the University to ensure that fair and effective arrangements exist for dealing with disciplinary issues, and to ensure that uniform standards are developed throughout the University with regard to both work and behaviour. Wherever practicable the formal procedures should be preceded by private and informal counselling.

Day to day responsibility for disciplinary and related matters lies with the person to whom the member of staff reports and the relevant head of department.  For academic staff, it rests with the head of department or faculty board chairman.  These office holders are responsible, among other things, for clarifying the required standards, preliminary investigation of any concerns and for any private and informal counselling of those judged not to be meeting the required standard.

Formal procedures for dealing with disciplinary and related matters are:

For academic and academic-related staff not on probation

Statute XII, Part D.

For academic-related staff on probation

section 8.2 of the academic-related staff handbook

For support staff not on probation

section 8.2 of the support staff handbook

For support staff on probation

section 8.3 of the support staff handbook

Please consult your HR Business Partner before initiating these procedures.

Further guidance for administrators is under development.