Family leave

This guidance reflects changes in legislation and University policy and supersedes any previous versions.

This guide is for staff, managers and Departmental Administrators (or equivalent).

If you are a parent, or are expecting to be a parent, it is essential that you read all the guidance relating to the type of leave you wish to take, in order to be clear about your eligibility and entitlements, as well as about the notifications and paperwork that will be required of you.

Follow the links below for information about the University's provisions for:

The rules and regulations regarding the University and statutory schemes covering all the various types of family leave can seem quite daunting to begin with. We have aimed to give simple, but full explanations, so staff can easily identify the leave and benefits that they are entitled to, and to provide clear procedures so that it is straightforward for staff and departments to complete the necessary documentation.

We have taken care to make this guide accurate and reliable. However, in the case of any conflict, the statutory and legal provisions as they relate to the issue in question will prevail.

Where further information or clarification is needed, Departmental Administrators (or equivalent) should contact their HR Business Partner.

Framework for the management of family leave for research and academic staff

The University believes that all research and academic staff, regardless of their department or funder, should be treated equally in terms of the process that is followed to reach decisions about how the work they would otherwise have done is managed during a period of family leave. The Framework for the management of family leave for research and academic staff sets out that process.