Checklist for departments

This checklist should be used as a guide to ensure that all aspects of an employee's application to change his or her working pattern have been taken into consideration:

Initial application

  1. When you receive notification that a member of staff wishes to apply for flexible working (on the flexible working application form), check that you are satisfied that it contains all the relevant information.

  2. Ensure that you have acknowledged receipt of the request. This may be done by using the short pro forma letter at the end of the flexible working application form.

  3. Arrange a meeting to discuss the application within 28 days of receipt of the application form.The employee has the right to be accompanied at this meeting by a trade union representative (if a member) or by a friend or colleague from within the University.

  4. Ensure that you have given full and serious consideration to the request, taking into account any implications that agreeing to the request may have on service delivery and the means, if any, by which these may be overcome. It is a requirement of the statutory regulations that an employer gives serious consideration to requests for more flexible working patterns.

  5. If you consider that there may be problems with the proposed arrangement for flexible working, you must also explore other possibilities for alternative working patterns with the employee. It is also a requirement that alternative arrangements receive consideration.

If the application is successful

1. Ensure that you notify the employee of your decision within 14 days of the meeting.

You may use the application acceptance form  for this purpose, or, if you prefer, you may write a letter.

2. Ensure that the notification includes a description of the new working pattern and that it states the date when the new working pattern will become effective.

A change in working pattern may require a change of contract. If you need advice on this, contact your HR Business Partner.

3. Ensure that you have notified payroll of any changes to working hours so that salary can be adjusted.

Use the Payroll and Contractual Change form to notify payroll of any changes.

If the application is unsuccessful

1. Ensure that you notify the employee within 14 days of the meeting.

You may use the Application rejection form for this purpose or, if you prefer, you may write a letter.

2. Ensure that this notification states the operational reasons for refusal, provides sufficient explanation as to why they apply in these circumstances, and that it provides details of the employees right to appeal.

If the applicant decides to appeal

1. Check that any appeal has been acknowledged within the required 14 day timescale (unless an extended timescale has been agreed in advance).

2. Ensure that you have arranged an appeal hearing within 14 days of receiving the employee's appeal.

It is important that the appeal provides an independent review. This should normally involve a more senior member of staff than the person who initially rejected the application.

3. You should notify the applicant of the outcome of this appeal within 14 days of the hearing, applying the same process that you applied to notification for the initial application.