University procedures for resolving staff grievances

As a line manager, you probably handle requests, queries and complaints from your staff on an informal basis every day as part of your managerial role. On occasion these may develop into grievances and in accordance with the provisions of the Employment Act 2002 the University's standard letters of appointment make reference to how application for the redress of a grievance should be made.

The guiding principle when dealing with any grievance is that it should be settled fairly and as near as possible to its point of origin through informal means wherever possible. To assist the timely and effective resolution of grievances the University has, through consultation with the appropriate university bodies, developed a number of grievance procedures applicable to particular staff groups in situations where either an individual employee, or a group of employees, has raised a grievance.

It is important for you as a manager to identify the nature of a grievance as early as possible and to select the most appropriate procedure by which to address it, in consultation with Personnel Services, so as to ensure that the appropriate steps are taken to resolve it effectively.

Departments are asked to refer to the procedures contained in the relevant staff handbook when discussing or using a particular grievance procedure with members of staff.