Grievances in connection with a disciplinary matter

In most circumstances an employee who is aggrieved with a disciplinary action against him or her does not have access to the University's grievance procedures. Such employees may, of course, appeal against disciplinary decisions using the appropriate disciplinary procedure. The appeal stage of a disciplinary procedure provides the final decision; there can be no further appeal within the University's procedures.

However, where an employee complains that a decision to suspend him or her pending a disciplinary hearing or a disciplinary warning against him or her is tainted with discrimination on grounds of his or her age, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marriage and civil partnership,race, religion or belief or disability, the law requires that he or she is able to raise a grievance outside the disciplinary procedure.

Departments and divisions will in any case liaise closely with Personnel Services throughout any disciplinary case and appropriate advice will be provided should it become necessary in the circumstances outlined above for an employee to be able to raise a grievance.