Calculating holiday entitlement for casual staff

Short-term casual workers are entitled to 28 days of leave, including public holidays and any departmental closure days, accrued on a monthly basis, starting on the first day of each month. Leave should be awarded at 12.07% of the hours worked and should be rounded up to the nearest half hour. Leave should be recorded and paid against a time period agreed with the worker. The holiday calculator can be used to carry out this calculation.

The example below is based on a working week of 36.5 hours where the working day is 7.3 hours.

A short-term casual worker who has worked for 10 days (two weeks)

Step one: Multiply 10 days worked by 7.3 hours per day

10 x 7.3 = 73

Step two: calculate 12.07% of hours worked

73 / 100 x 12.07 = 8.811

Step three: round up to nearest half hour and submit request for additional payment (recording this as leave taken in the department)

9 hours to be paid and recorded

In all cases departments should discuss with the worker concerned the leave to which he or she is entitled. Arrangements for taking leave, such as departmental notice requirements, should also be clarified.

Please note it is no longer possible to pay casual workers an hourly rate that includes an allowance for “rolled-up” holiday pay.