Leave for other reasons

Departments may grant additional leave in certain circumstances. The University does not attempt to prescribe centrally the amount of additional leave that might be appropriate in each individual case; departments have discretion to authorise such leave according to the circumstances of the individual concerned.

The Staff handbooks, section 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5 set out  detailed guidance on a range of circumstances in which staff may need to seek to take leave from work including:

The guidelines on leave have been drafted to ensure that the benefits provided, and the language used to describe the benefits and their scope do not inadvertently restrict those whose culture is not that of the majority, or exclude those in same-sex relationships from benefiting: departments will wish to ensure that, in implementing the guidance, they do not unjustifiably discriminate between employees on these or other grounds.



For guidance on Pilgrimage see ‘Leave for Religious Reasons’

Open University

Students of the Open University who are university employees are offered:

  1. up to a week's extra paid holiday each year to attend the Summer School;
  2. facilities for the use by the student of the libraries of other departments and institutions as well as their own, by arrangement with the department concerned.

Other than the extra week's holiday, additional time off for study is not granted.