Management of a reorganisation

These re-organisation guidelines are intended to apply when a department or departments intend to make significant changes to the duties and responsibilities of a number of posts as part of a re-organisation either within a department or across a number of departments.

They are most likely to be applicable where:

  • organisational units are merged, or de-merged;
  • an organisational unit is re-organised in such a way that there is a significant reallocation of posts and responsibilities within it.

These guidelines are not applicable where:

  • a re-organisation changes reporting lines but leaves posts and responsibilities substantively unchanged – in which case the only action is to inform the staff of the changes;
  • there are self-contained changes to a single post, or a small number of posts – in which case the appropriate action is to have the post evaluated and (re-)graded;

Where the purpose is to reduce the headcount, the redundancy procedures must also be followed.

The guidelines set out the principles and general procedure that should be followed – departments should adapt them to produce, and agree, specific procedures that will best suit the circumstances of their particular re-organisation.