Training and Personal Development Review (PDR)

Training and development

A key role in staff training is played by the Oxford Learning Institute.

The University's Guide to Staff Development is also available at  

Development activities at Oxford are organised by a wide range of providers and full details of all University training providers may be found on the Staff Gateway.

Staff with more than 26 weeks continuous service have the right to request time off for training.

Work Learn Develop is a programme of professional training and development opportunities for University staff, the courses cover a wide range of skill areas that are core to University administration.

Personal Development Review (PDR)/Appraisal

Principles for the introduction of personal development review (PDR), also known as appraisal, for university support and academic-related staff were adopted by the Personnel Committee in 2007.   The PDR scheme is supported by the Oxford Learning Institute. Separate schemes are available for departmental administrators and academic staff.

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