Redundancy procedure

Procedure for considering the termination on grounds of redundancy of

  • Permanent contracts

  • Self-financing contracts

  • Open-ended externally-funded contracts (for academic-related staff only)

  • Fixed-term contracts (premature termination only)

This procedure applies to all academic, academic-related and support staff, who, by the date when their employment is terminated, will have been in continuous employment at the University for one or more years.

There is a separate procedure for the termination of fixed-term contracts at their scheduled end date.

In considering any redundancy, it is essential to follow the following procedure and to keep records of all associated actions, discussions and consultations. Template letters, which may also act as checklists to ensure that the correct steps have been taken, are available for use and are identified in this document as (Pro-forma letter).

The six stages

The six stages to follow in redundancy cases are:

  1. Identifying the rationale
    1. identify the rationale for ceasing an area of academic, professional or support staff activity
    2. identify the potential redundancy pool
  2. Seeking advice and specialist support
    1. notify Personnel Services
  3. Warning and consultation
    1. warn staff at risk of redundancy
    2. consult the unions
  4. Exploring alternatives to compulsory redundancy
    1. voluntary redundancy
    2. redeployment  
  5. Compulsory redundancy dismissal process
    1. authorisation procedure
    2. selection
    3. notice period
    4. redundancy payment
  6. Appeal