Application forms

 Application forms for an extension beyond the EJRA

Applicant in academic or research post

Applicant in professional or management post 

EJRA 1A (42kb) Form to be completed by applicant in academic or research post EJRA 1B (37kb)  Form to be completed by applicant in professional or management post
EJRA 2A (43kb) Form to be completed by department for applicant in academic or research post EJRA 2B (42kb)  Form to be completed by department for applicant in professional or management post
EJRA 3A (41kb)  Form to be completed by division for applicant in academic or research post EJRA 3B (40kb)   Form to be completed by division for applicant in professional or management post

 This webpage summarises the process for applying for an extension to employment beyond the EJRA. The full EJRA Procedure is here. Application forms are available above.

Applicants should read the EJRA Procedure on the Personnel Services website carefully to ensure a full understanding of the issues which the EJRA Committee will take into account. There is an EJRA process map available in Documents on the right hand side of this page.

The EJRA Procedure stresses the importance of early discussion with the Head of Department or equivalent to consider whether it would be possible to meet the aims of the employee or department other than by an extension in employment. Any employee considering seeking extended employment should take advice, independent where appropriate, on how this might affect their pension entitlement and related tax liabilities.

All requests for employment beyond the EJRA will be considered by the EJRA Committee, in accordance with the timetable and procedure.  Applications will be considered in gathered fields in Michaelmas and Trinity terms.

Any employee seeking an extension in employment is responsible for applying on form EJRA 1A or EJRA 1B, which normally must be received by the Director of Human Resources no later than 24 months before the applicant's retirement date. Further detail on when applications can be accepted is in the EJRA procedure. Forms EJRA 1A, 2A and 3A should be used for applicants in academic or research posts. Forms EJRA 1B, 2B and 3B should be used for applicants in professional or management posts.

The completed EJRA 1A/B form will then be forwarded to the applicant’s Head of Department, who will be asked to consult the relevant departmental committee and use form EJRA 2A/B to respond. Individual and departmental submissions (EJRA 1A/B and EJRA 2A/B forms) should then be forwarded by the Department to the relevant Division. The Head of each Division will be asked to consult the appropriate divisional-level Committee and to provide comment on the strategic importance of the proposed duties or project in each case. They will be asked to return form EJRA 2A/B along with their comments on form EJRA 3A/B to Personnel Services by a specified deadline. Please see the timetable for the specific deadlines.

Before the submissions are evaluated by the EJRA Committee, the applicant will have the opportunity to comment on the submissions made by their Department and Division, and the applicant may be asked to clarify in writing any point in their own submission that the Committee Chair considers to be unclear.