Aims of the Employer Justified Retirement Age (EJRA)

In the context of the University’s particular structure and procedures, the EJRA is considered to be an appropriate and necessary means of creating sufficient vacancies to meet the Aims set out below:

  • safeguarding the high standards of the University in teaching, research and professional services;
  • promoting inter-generational fairness and maintaining opportunities for career progression for those at particular stages of a career, given the importance of having available opportunities for progression across the generations;
  • refreshing the academic, research and other professional workforce as a route to maintaining the University’s position on the international stage;
  • facilitating succession planning by maintaining predictable retirement dates, especially in relation to the collegiate University's joint appointment system; and
  • promoting equality and diversity, noting that recent recruits are more diverse than the composition of the existing workforce, especially amongst the older age groups of the existing workforce.