Retirement guidance for staff & managers

In this section you will find guidance on:

  1. Introduction to guidance
  2. Age of retirement 
  3. Retirement options 
  4. The retirement process  
  5. EJRA extension (for staff at grade 8 or above) 
  6. Training 
  7. Alternatives to employment 
  8. Staying connected in etirement 
  9. Useful contacts 
  10. Glossary 

An introduction to this guidance

The University values the contributions made by its staff – many of whom have built long-lasting and distinguished careers here – and aims to ensure the retirement process is both supportive and straightforward for all involved. The guidance in this section is intended to answer some of the questions staff and managers may have regarding retirement. You can navigate this guidance using the links above, the links on the lefthand side of this webpage, or by downloading the full suite of guidance in the PDF on the righthand side of this page. 

The following pages include an overview of the University’s retirement policy, the retirement options available, a summary of retirement procedures, training options available to staff and managers, an outline of different ways individuals might maintain a link to the University after employment,  links to further resources, and a glossary of terms.

The University’s full retirement policy is available on our website here. Staff and managers should also consult the relevant information available from the Pensions Office, some of which is available on the Pensions website here

This guidance is intended to provide an overview of the retirement process, but should not be an alternative to reading the relevant policies and procedures that are linked throughout this section of the website. 

Please click the following link download this suite of guidance as a PDF: Retirement guidance for staff and managers (457kb)