EJRA extension (for staff at grade 8 or above)

As noted in the Retirement Age section of this guidance, the University operates an Employer Justified Retirement Age for all academic and related staff at grade 8 or above. Staff may retire at their EJRA date if they have not already elected to retire. The EJRA operates in support of the Aims of the policy, available here. It is expected that all staff at grade 8 or above will retire by or on their EJRA date. However, there is a process by which staff can apply to work beyond their EJRA date in exceptional circumstances. If you consider that you can make a case such as to justify an exception to the EJRA policy, you have the option to make a request to continue to work at the University. Please note that an EJRA extension normally requires that an individual step out of their current post and into a new fixed-term post for the duration of the extension.

Requests to work beyond the EJRA date are considered by the EJRA Committee, which is comprised of senior representatives from across the University’s academic divisions as well as from GLAM and UAS. Full details of the Procedure laid down by Council for making such a request, including the type of matters that the EJRA Committee will take into account in making their decision, are available here.

Further materials, including the relevant application forms and a process map, are also available here.