EJRA Aims and procedure 2015-2017

Update October 2017

Changes to the University’s EJRA policy, made as a result of recommendations from the EJRA Review Group, have been approved by Congregation. You can read the full report of the Review Group here. These changes came into effect on 1 October 2017. These changes may affect your employment at the University in a number of ways. In particular:

  • Staff at grades 6 and 7 with an EJRA date later than 1 October 2017 are no longer required to retire on a set date;
  • If your retirement date was 30 September 2017:  these changes will not affect you, and your retirement date, as specified in your contract, does not change. This includes staff at grades 6 and 7;
  • If your retirement date was 30 September 2018 or later and you are in grade 8 or above, your retirement date will be pushed back by one year to the 30 September preceding your 69th birthday;
  • If you wish to consider applying for employment beyond your EJRA date, you should do so two years, instead of one year, in advance of your retirement date.

Please note that if your EJRA date has changed you can still choose to retire before your contractual retirement date. You do not need to retire until the 30 September preceding your 69th birthday. These changes do not affect your pension age, i.e. the age at which you may take your pension, or your eligibility to apply for flexible retirement.

All applications for extended employment received by 30 September 2017 will be considered under the Aims and Procedure in force at that date which are available to download: EJRA 2015-2017 (509kb)

Future rounds of applications will be considered under new arrangements developed in accordance with the recommendatinos of the EJRA Review Group.  See the new EJRA website for details.

You can read the Major Issues update on the EJRA here