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EJRA application deadline (30 August 2019)

30 September 2019 is the deadline for the autumn round of applications for EJRA extensions. Applications must be made 2 years in advance of retirement. The timetable and application forms are available in the EJRA section of this website.   

Holiday calculator 2019-20 (3 July 2019)

The holiday calculator for the 2019-20 academic year is now available to download from our Holiday Entitlement webpages. 

Contract template change - pensions paragraph (7 June 2019)

The employee and employer contribution rates for USS pension scheme members increased from 1 April 2019, and further increases are expected in October 2019. The contribution rates are set out in the Academic and Academic-related contract templates  (including Marie Curie fellows) in the annexe headed ENROLMENT INTO UNIVERSITY PENSION SCHEME.

Unfortunately, due to an oversight, there has been a delay in updating the contract templates to reflect the new rates. 

  • The non-Core versions have now been updated (please press Ctrl+F5 to make sure that your web browser brings up the most recently updated version which will show ‘June 2019’ in the footer).
  •  The Core versions are currently being updated but, due to the V26 Upgrade, there will be a further short delay in their availability.

If you are in the process  of drafting contracts at present please replace the previous ‘Contributions’ paragraph with the paragraph below.


All employees who join USS pay personal contributions to the scheme in accordance with the rules, as amended from time to time, of the pension scheme.  From 1 April 2019 your monthly contribution will be 8.8% of your pensionable pay and the University’s monthly contribution will be the equivalent of 19.5% of your pensionable pay, with further increases expected in October 2019. The current employee and employer contribution rates can be found on the USS website at Your personal contributions will usually be collected by the University by way of deductions from your salary and paid over to USS, together with the University’s contribution.  You will get tax relief on your contributions.

Research funder policies and requirements on bullying and harassment (21 May 2019)

A number of research funders have introduced new policies on bullying and harassment which set out expectations of behaviour from all those associated with the research, but also impose new requirements on institutions in receipt of funding from them. This includes obligations to report information about bullying and harassment to the funder. For further information see PERS(19)03

Hours on payslips (1 April 2019)

New legislation will come into force on 6 April 2019 requiring all employers across the UK to provide payslips to all workers in their organisation, and to show hours and pay on payslips where the pay varies by the amount of time worked. At the University, these changes will mainly affect variable hours staff and casual staff, but other groups, such as those in receipt of payments for overtime, may also be affected. Salaried employees whose pay does not vary by the number of hours worked will not be affected by these changes, but they may see a cosmetic change to their payslip.

The changes will be implemented in the first full pay period after the legislation is introduced, i.e. May 2019, although some staff may see changes to their payslips sooner. Please see the circular PERS(19)02 (100kb) for further details. 

Spring 2019 EJRA application round closes 31 March 2019

This is a reminder that the Spring 2019 round for individuals to apply to work beyond their EJRA will close on 31 March 2019. All academic and related staff holding roles in grades 8 and above have a retirement date of 30 September preceding their 69th birthday (the Employer Justified Retirement Age). Applications to work beyond the EJRA are considered in gathered field exercises every six months in accordance with the EJRA Procedure.

The timetable for EJRA applications is available here. The applications forms are available here. Please contact Meghan Lawson in the HR Policy team for further information at  

2018 HR Self-Assessment  and Data Collection Exercise (5 February 2019)

We have launched the 2018 self-assessment and data collection exercise. As for last year’s exercise, there are two elements to this exercise:

Part one – a self-assessment checklist to allow you to review your HR practice within the department. This is a Word document, 2018 Compliance Audit (80kb) which gives full details of the process.  You should complete this and retain it in your department: you will be asked to confirm your compliance, or identify any areas of non-compliance in your online submission for Part two.

Part two – a data collection exercise which allows Personnel Services to collect data for a range of reporting requirements, policy development or other processes.  This is an online survey which can be accessed at  

The data provided should be for the period 1 January to 31 December 2018.

Each department should make only one submission and the survey has been sent to the lead Departmental Administrator/Head of Administration and Finance so that they can consider the most appropriate route for this submission to be made for their department.

The deadline for submission is Friday 1 March 2019.  If you think you will be unable to meet this deadline please contact Kate Butler (89925, as soon as possible.

Revisions to the No Smoking Policy, to include vaping (4 January 2019)

In recent years, electronic cigarettes have become more widely used and Council has therefore approved an updated No Smoking Policy which addresses the issue of the use of electronic cigarettes or similar devices (vaping). For further information see PERS(19)01

2018 Salary increases for clinical academic and related staff (24 October 2018)

The 2018 national pay uplift for clinical staff has been approved for implementation in the November payroll. For futher information see PERS(18)05

Revision of University salary scales 2018: all non-clincial staff (28 August 2018)

The 2018 national cost of living increase for non-clinical staff has been approved for implementation. The uplift will be implemented in the October payroll and backdated to 1 August 2017. For further information see PERS(18)04 (321kb).

2018-19 Holiday calculator now available (22 August 2017)

The Holiday calculator 2018-19 (82kb) is now available online on the Calculating holiday entitlement page. 

Website Survey (16 August 2018)

We are seeking your views about the Personnel Services website. As you may know, we are in the process of redesigning our website, and rethinking our communication strategies more broadly. This is partly in response to a change of web platform which requires us to restructure the website, and partly in support of our aims to improve communication with you as part of the HR Futures programme. Your feedback will help us to better understand your preferences and pain points on the site, and to identify areas for improvement.

We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete our survey, which is available at this link:

The survey usually takes about 15 minutes to complete. It will be open until Wednesday 5 September 2018.

Support for carers (11 June 2018)

The University has launched some new support initiatives for staff with caring responsibilities.  For more information see 'support for carers'

Oxford rail closures (4 June 2018)

There are currently major rail works underway in Oxfordshire which will result in railway line closures through Oxford station for a two week period from 7-22 July 2018.

For full information see:

Given this notice, staff should be able to explore other options in good time. Where there are particular difficulties, for example a route on which no suitable bus replacement is provided, you may need to consider allowing staff additional flexibility.  This might involve adjusting their working hours e.g. coming in late and making up the time, or exploring the options laid out in the severe weather policy

GDPR Readiness (25 May 2018)

In preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and related UK data protection regulation, Personnel and Related Services have completed updates in several key areas. Further information is provided here

Compliance audit 2017 - Academic departments  (25 April 2018)

The Personnel Services annual compliance audit is now open and should be completed by Friday 25 May 2017.    (NB UAS departments will be contacted separately )

New for the 2017 exercise: following a review of departmental feedback, the structure of the audit has been revised and is now split into two sections:

  • a HR self-assessment checklist (section one) and
  • an online evaluation of the checklist together with a data collection survey (section two).

A copy of section one (for completion in word) is available here  Section one - self assessment exercise 2017 (31kb)

Section two should be completed via the online survey tool at A PDF version of is also available for information and to enable responses to be collated: 2017 Compliance audit (334kb)

Full information has been emailed to lead departmental administrators/HAFs.

Outside appointments – revised OA1 form (6 April 2018)

The University has revised the OA1 form, for the approval of outside appointments under Council Regulation 5 of 2004, and has widened the scope of the form in relation to potential conflicts of interest. See PERS(18)03 for further information.

Updated retirement guidance, templates and EJRA forms (14 March 2018)

Revised EJRA application forms have been published online. The Spring 2018 and Autumn 2018 timetables for applications are also available online. See PERS(18)02 for further information.

Change to Grade 1 and Grade 1A of the salary and grading structure (22 February 2018)

In order to remain compliant with the Living Wage, Personnel Committee has approved that the lowest pay point of the University’s main salary and grading structure be taken out of use. This will be implemented with effect from 1 March 2018. See PERS(18)01 for further information

Newton International Fellows (12 February 2018)

The 2018 round for Newton International Fellowship applications to the Royal Society and British Academy is now open and applications must be submitted to Research Services by 5pm, Tuesday 20 March. Please note that the guidance for this year has been revised, with regard to the visitor status of the fellows, including a new, customised, visitor agreement. There is also some new guidance for PIs which underlines that the NIFs must be treated as visitors within the department: this extends to ensuring that HR processes regarding monitoring of attendance or performance as NOT applied to them.   The immigration route for any NIFs requiring a work visa has also changed.  You can download this revised guidance from the Research Services website.  

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