GDPR Readiness

25 May 2018: The following is an update for HR staff across the University regarding changes made by the central HR function in light of GDPR and related UK data protection legislation. For further information on the University’s overall response to GDPR, please see here.

In preparation for GDPR, each of the teams within the central HR function identified key areas requiring review. In addition to updates across the Pesonnel and Related Services webpages, the following updates have been made to prepare for GDPR:

Privacy Notices:


*Please note that this document has been adopted by teams within central HR for use in recruitment exercises. Departments may wish to adopt a similar document locally.

CoreHR updates:

The HRIS Support Centre has updated versions of templates and documents in line with the changes made by the departments owning these forms. This includes the following documents and letters:

  • All Contracts and Casual Worker/Teacher engagement letters
  • Conditional Offer letter
  • University Card form
  • New Starter Data Collection form
  • New Starter Health Questionnaire & Declaration
  • Nomination for Membership of Congregation form

Other updates that have been made by HRIS Support Centre in relation to GDPR include:

  • The e-recruitment application form and automated email to job applicants
  • The e-Recruitment Terms of Use document and links to the new Applicant Privacy Policy on the Council Secretariat web pages
  • HRIS Data Protection Course and Individual User Agreement
  • HRIS User Access form
  • References to the Data Protection Act 1998 on the HRIS Support Centre webpages

To ensure you use the latest version of any CoreHR documentation, please continue to generate documents from CoreHR rather than using locally saved copies.

Additional updates:

  • Updated terms of use for the HR Information Team
  • Data protection guidance relating to Athena SWAN updated within Tableau

Ongoing work

A University-wide improvement programme is currently underway to further strengthen the way we protect people’s data and ensure that privacy is central to what we do. As part of this programme, the central HR function is currently undertaking work in several areas. We will update you with further information in due course.