Operational updates archive


No 6 - August 2012

Further particulars templates for professors

New further particular templates for profesors have been added to the Academic staffing area:

  • Further particulars for clinical professors
  • Further particulars for non-clinical professors

These can also be found in Templates and pro-forma

Further particulars templates  (academic)

Any reference to giving feedback to candidates has been removed from the further particular templates for University Lecturerships and CUF Lecturerships.

Contract amendment letters

2 templates added: change in job title and a letter confirming temporary additional duties ('acting-up')

 DBS screening

The guidance has been updated to reflect forthcoming changes and clarify the application process and role of the designated person.

Web pages have been updated to reflect the suspension of the protocol and to outline local, divisional arrangements that have been introduced in its place.

Core HR Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

Where personnel processes now require actioning in CoreHR, links to the relevant Core QRG have been added to relevant web pages of the Personnel Services site, for ease of reference.


No 5 - June 2012

Academic staffing for University Lecturers

The further particulars for University Lecturerships with tutorial fellowships, with no tutorial fellowships and for CUF Lecturers have been replaced with:

  • Further particulars template for University Lecturerships
  • Further particulars template for CUF Lecturerships

The standard further particulars for the conferment of the title of CUF Lecturer remains the same.

Recruitment Protocol

All pages making reference to the recruitment protocol are being updated to reflect the fact that wef 31 May the recruitment protocol has been replaced by local, divisional arrangements.

OSPS consultation on proposals for change

Web pages detailing all the information on the proposed changes to the current OSPS pension scheme.

Priority candidate letter (Pro-forma letters A7 and X5)

Clarification in 2nd paragraph which now reads "...you will now be able to apply as a priority candidate for vacancies at the University at grade [current grade] or below." (new wording is in italics).

Code of Practice for Research staff

Typos amended

Summary poster outlining key principles now available to download


No 4 - February 2012


A number of external companies offer discounts to University staff and these have been put together into some new discounts pages. Since the University does not endorse or accept responsibility for these offers, the information has been kept separate from the main Benefits Handbook and discounts that the University itself offers to staff (e.g. on travel passes).

Time off for training guidance

The time off for training guidance has now been set up as web pages, and the pro-forma documentation is available from the templates and pro-formas area of the site

Approval to hold outside appointments

Form OA1, the application form for approval to undertake outside work (including consultancies and directorship) has been updated

Marie Curie Fellows

The contract template for Marie Curie Fellows has been updated in line with new EC allowance structure.  (For Marie Curie students the contract should continue to be raised by Research Services).

Agency Workers

The guidance on reporting for Agency workers has been updated to include a 'Setting up a non-employee QRG'

Casual workers

Rates of pay: a  'Casual pay spine' showing the hourly rates of pay equivalent to grades has been added to the web page for casual workers: 

Job description and selection criteria 

The link to the HERA elements in the Job description and selection criteria template (currently version 1.8) has been updated:


When drafting a new job description you may find it helpful to refer to the list of HERA elements:
http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/personnel/reward/jobeval/hera/ "

Management of a reorganisation

New guidelines are available for managing reorganisations.


No 3 - January 2012

Redundancy and end of fixed term contract arrangements

New guidance is available on redundancy which should be used from January 2012

Casual letter of engagement

Paragraph 9 Confidentiality, typo amended as underlined below:

"....In respect of all such Confidential Information, you may not at any time (except in the proper performance of your casual duties, and then only to those who need to know such information)...."

Marie Curie fellows appointment letter

Standard Marie Curie fellows appointment letter updated. Research Services can advise on the appropriate contract template

Support staff contract

Notice period wording amended

"5.  During any probation period detailed in your letter of appointment, your appointment may be terminated by one week’s notice on either side. The length of notice the University undertakes to give to terminate your employment (should it be confirmed on completion of the probationary period) is one month, increasing in line with statutory provision as set down in the Staff Handbook. The length of notice you are required to give to terminate your employment, except as provided for during the probationary period, is one month."

Employment status decision tree

New employment status decision tree available

Job description template

1) inclusion of information about the new priority application procedure

2) Introduction updated with 2010/11 figures, final para now reads:

"Our annual income in 20010/11 was £919.6m. Oxford is one of Europe's most innovative and entrepreneurial universities: income from external research contracts exceeds £376m p.a., and more than 70 spin-off companies have been created."

Holiday calculation: variable hours staff

New guidance on the calculation of holiday entitlement for variable hours staff.


No 2 - November 2011

The following wording has been amended, on the advice of Legal Services.

“If you are unable to fulfil these conditions it may be necessary to withdraw this offer. You are therefore advised not to resign from your current employment until you have received confirmation that the above conditions have been satisfied.”

Contract templates (non-Core)

Academic-related contracts (all)

  • The normal retirement date has been updated to reflect the new EJRA arrangements in two places: the paragraph on Notice Period for permanent appointments in the letter of appointment; and in paragraph 6 of the Statement of terms and conditions.

New wording: "For all academic and academic-related staff the University has adopted a retirement age of 30 September before the 68th birthday.  There is a procedure for requesting an extension of employment beyond that date."

Academic-related (clinical contracts only)

  • In the paragraph (v) of the “subject to” clauses, reference to Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust has been updated to Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.
  • All references to grades 6-10 have been removed to encompass all appropriate clinical research grades.

Support staff contracts (all):

  • Paragraph 10.1:  the wording ‘current policy enclosed’ relating to the Statement of pensions policy has been removed.
  • Paragraph 5 now ends “the length of notice you are required to give to terminate your employment, except as provided for during the probationary period, is one month.”

Support staff (clinical contracts only)

  • In the paragraph (v) of the “subject to” clauses reference to Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust has been updated to Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.

An additional objective justification for fixed-term contracts has now been agreed, to be added to the bottom of the numbered list as follows:

 “6.  the appointment is limited to the fixed period for which you have been granted a valid visa or work permit”

NEW: Contract extension and amendment template letters

New templates are available at http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/personnel/recruit/contracts/templates/#d.en.60014

Right to work documentation The List of documents confirming entitlement to work in the UK (35kb) is now available, where an Offer letter is not used (this document is incorporated within the Offer letter template)


No 1 - October 2011

NEW: Casual workers letter of engagement

A new casual worker letter of engagement can be downloaded from the Templates and Forms area and also from the : http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/personnel/recruit/background/employstatus/casual/

Recruiting staff


Support Staff - paragraph 6.2 AND Academic-related - paragraph 4.3

“ the University is legally entitled to made” amended to “make”

Support Staff - paragraph 15 (b) AND Academic-related - paragraph 13 (b)

“Your attention if specifically drawn” amended to “is specifically drawn”.

Academic-related contract (all)

Paragraph 13 (b) weblink amended to http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/personnel/staffinfo/handbook_acrel/

Academic-related staff (clinical departments)

The holiday table in paragraph 7.1 - remove references to grades E62.