Changes of employment

Any changes to the terms and conditions of the post for which a Tier 2 work visa was issued must be reported to the Staff Immigration Team (SIT) so that they can report the changes to the Home Office, or advise and assist with a new Tier 2 visa application (if the nature of the role has changed such that it would be considered to be a different type of work).

If Tier 2 visa holder sponsored by the University is changing jobs within the collegaite University before their existing visa expires, a new Certificate of Sponsorship will not be required providing the new post is the same type of work as that for which their current visa was issued, and the changes are reported to the Home Office by SIT.

For example, a Postdoctoral Research Associate may switch from one department/ college to take up a new research post in another department/ college without the need for a new Tier 2 visa, as long as the changes are reported.

However, a Postdoctoral Research Associate would not be able to take up a new post as a Lecturer without first applying for and obtaining a new Tier 2 visa, since the Home Office considers university research and teaching to be different occupations.

As soon as it is known that there may be changes to a Tier 2 visa holder's role you should contact SIT to discuss the changes so that they can confirm whether they will affect the type of work.

In circumstances where a change in job would not require a new visa, the new employing department must complete and submit a Tier 2 & Tier 5 Changes & Leavers form (which can be found on our 'Forms & guidance notes' page) to the Staff Immigration Team within five working days of the visa holder  taking up the new post.