Acting up allowance

Additional temporary responsibilities for support and academic-related staff

In cases where members of staff are asked to temporarily assume the duties and responsibilities of a higher grade post (for example during a period of extended absence of the postholder), the member of staff will receive an allowance. An acting-up allowance should be equal to the amount payable if the member of staff had been promoted to that grade (at least one increment). In cases where the employee does not carry out the full duties and responsibilities of the substantive post the grade of the post should be determined by reference to HERA.

The member of staff's substantive grade remains unchanged, and they remain subject to the relevant terms and conditions of that grade. Once an allowance has been set, further incremental progression and cost of living awards should not be applied to the allowance, but will be automatically applied to their substantive grade.

The minimum period for acting up is a continuous one of four weeks and the allowance should be paid from the first day of acting-up. Acting-up would not normally continue for more than a maximum period of one year (such as to cover a period of maternity leave) and should be reviewed after six months. Acting up allowances are therefore non-pensionable.

The individual concerned should receive written confirmation of such arrangements. Where possible this notification will be given in advance, but may have to be given retrospectively.

Information on additional administrative responsibilities for Academic staff (Schedule allowances) can be found here.

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