Long service allowance for university support staff

Council has authorised departments to pay a special allowance to any member of the university support staff who has completed 25 years' continuous service with the University (other than re-engaged pensioners). The Payroll Office will inform departments of potential qualifiers for the award. The department will then input the allowance into CoreHR

The long service allowance is also payable to staff who have completed 25 years' service in total with the University if they had a break or breaks in service for domestic reasons (e.g. maternity leave or family commitments such as the care of relatives) provided they have taken no other paid employment in the meantime and they have clearly informed their department, at the time of resignation, that the reason for leaving was domestic. The Payroll Office is not able to identify from its own records members of staff who fall into the latter category; staff who have had a break in service for domestic reasons but who have completed 25 years' total service are therefore advised to apply for the allowance through their Administrator (or equivalent).

In accordance with the relevant legislation, where women employees exercise their right to return to work after maternity leave, periods of employment prior to the employees' absence are to be regarded as continuous employment for the above purposes.

The allowance, which is pro rata for part-time staff, is shown on http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/finance/epp/payroll/scales/allowancesandawards/.