On call and standby arrangements (Grades 1-10)

This scheme requires authorisation by the Reward team

The University operates a single, central policy for the remuneration of all academic-related and support staff who are contractually required to take part in standby and call-out arrangements to provide business-critical services out of core service hours.

The policy applies to staff employed in grades 1 to 10 who are not in receipt of a variable hours allowance. Senior staff (staff in grades ALC6, RSIV or equivalent) are outside the scope of this policy.

The policy covers:

  • support staff taking part in a  call-round rota (in which a member of staff may decline to attend the workplace when contacted and is not obliged to be available for every call);
  • academic-related and support staff taking part in an on-call rota (in which the member of staff must be available, must take the call, and respond accordingly); and
  • academic-related staff undertaking on-demand work (a ‘business-critical’ activity which is scheduled outside core service hours)

The University is committed to the promotion of work-life balance and the avoidance of a culture of long working hours. The arrangements for standby and call-out are therefore expected to be exceptional and are available only to those who deliver business-critical services.

Heads of department will determine whether or not a service is ‘business-critical’, and are responsible for ensuring the reasonable and equitable implementation of these arrangements, particularly with regard to the impact of the policy on male and female staff, those with caring responsibilities, and part-time staff.

  QRG: CH4 Change: New and Changes to Allowances (372kb)

  QRG: CH12 Ending Allowances (126kb)