Updating allowances on the implementation of a pay uplift

University salary scales are increased in accordance with agreed national pay uplifts. Separate arrangements exist for clinical and non-clinical scales, with clinical uplifts usually taking effect on 1 April and non-clinical on 1 August. A number of allowances are also increased on implementation of pay uplifts.

Information on whether allowances are subject to pay uplifts is summarised in the document on the right hand side of this page.

In the majority of cases no action is required by departments to amend allowances as allowances are automatically uplifted.

Standby and call out

Departments need to take action where under the standby and call out policy payments have been calculated as an average of the salaries and set up as the allowance “standby and call out pay cash”. Departments should increase the value by the percentage uplift as applied to the University salary scales.

The flat-rate payment and payment for requiring a broadband connection are not subject to pay uplifts, therefore no action should be taken.

Acting up allowances

Acting up allowances have been determined in accordance with the University policy on acting up and should only last for a maximum of 12 months. Pay uplifts should not be applied to the acting up allowance.

The base salary (i.e. pay for their substantive grade) of those in receipt of acting up allowances will automatically increase on implementation of a pay uplift (they will also receive any increments on their substantive grade which are due during the period of acting up).

Market pay allowances

Market pay allowances are not automatically subject to cost of living increases. The Reward team conduct an annual review of market pay allowances and will instruct Payroll of any necessary adjustments to market pay (for example, to increase the supplement in accordance with the pay uplift or to hold the supplement at its current level).

Wellcome Trust fellows

From April 2006 the Wellcome Trust introduced a system of fellowship supplements in the form of fixed sums (see Annexe C to PERS(08)08). These additional payments are awarded at the discretion of the Wellcome Trust and are paid as a clearly identifiable salary supplement. These fellowship supplements are pensionable, but are not subject to cost of living increases.